API Developer’s Guide


Due to changes in Finnish legislation on July 1st, 2018 all trips with value REITTI-XXXXX in column lupasoptunnus in table will be excluded from the kalkati and gtfs national dump files at and as authorities will no longer maintain updates about commercial bus services.

The Finland dump files and data container will still contain information about contractual services by the cities and Ely-centers.

Please, visit for background information and and for alternative sources of route and timetable information.

For more information contact
Mr. Martin Johansson
Finnish Transport Agency, FTA
Phone +358 295 34 3526



The Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) provides access to ( data and API when the application or service supports public transport use and public transport information provision. Development and testing as well as commercial use of interfaces is free of charge.

There are three possible ways to access timetable and route data:

The documentation is available only in English and FTA takes no responsibility for possible errors or damages caused by documentation or data.

If you need more information or assistance related to the dump-files, please use the contact form. FTA has right to abolish access rights whenever necessary, for example in case of excessive traffic to the interface or misuse of the service.

Access to the interfaces is requested on the account request form.

The content of the database covers timetables and routes for buses, trains, local public transport and air traffic.

The data is published in accordance with FTA´s Open data License (also in Finnish and Swedish).

New content will be added without further notice.

FTA does not guarantee continued supply of the information.

The route suggestions are based on estimated travel times. The actual completion of the suggested connections cannot be guaranteed. Finnish Transport Agency is not liable for damages which may be caused by errors in the data or the failure of a suggested public transport connection.

Also lack of data in the database (minor cities and municipalities) or errors may affect the quality of the route suggestions.